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What's Wrong With My Garden Pond Water?

Even with the most careful planning and preparation, garden ponds can be susceptible to water problems. Discolored, cloudy water or even the advent of algae can quickly turn your garden pond from a delight to a disaster.

The Greatest Multi-Purpose Garden Tool? A Machete.

Nothing is better for relieving tension after a long, difficult day than an hour with a machete. You might do spinning classes, pedal a bike 10 miles, or run a 5K, but I work out with my trusty machete

The big idea behind compost tea is that it makes nutrients quickly available to plants, and the microbe-rich solution suppresses plant disease and helps build healthy soil.

Maintaining an organic garden can be easy if you ally yourself with nature instead of chemically spraying down your plants. In order to promote growth of a healthy plant, getting rid of pest insects can be as simple as sending in your own army of insects.

Bordeaux Mixture and Copper Are Best Organic Fungicides

When it comes to battling fungi, organic gardeners have a limited spectrum of treatments available. Baking soda spray, milk, and a few other household concoctions discourage certain fungal infections, but not all. Bordeaux mixture – a solution of copper sulfate, lime, and water – has been used since the 19th century to control fungal infections of vegetables, fruit, nuts, trees, and ornamental plants. And copper solutions and powders have been used for centuries to control diseases in plants and trees. These natural minerals – mixed and applied correctly – provide safe protection for your plants and are approved for organic gardening and growing.